Neighborhood shocked about slain deputy

Residents of the neighborhood where Deputy Alan Inzer was slain are shocked and saddened that such a tragedy could happen in their normally quiet area. It's also frightening when violence hits so close to home.

Richard Street, where Inzer died, seems to have more traffic than normal. Law officers have been coming and going much of the day as they investigate the shooting death.

A number of residents heard commotion around 1:30 in the morning Thursday, and some actually heard shots fired. Resident Joseph Sonnier says,  "Well, the only thing we heard last night, my little boy got up because he had a tooth ache, and just before he got up we heard anywhere from four or five rounds fired and we didn't focus on it because we were focused on him.  And a couple hours later we saw all the cops here."

Many people who live here along Richard and June Streets are older people, used to a nice quiet environment. They say nothing like this has happened before.  Arlo Laurentz says, "This is a quiet neighborhood. We live close to the mall but we don't get much traffic. I'm pretty comfortable. I have my little family here and we're happy."  Wynodine Stokeld is one of the older residents."It's a terrible thing but actually we thought it was a bunch of drunks, all the noise that they were making. It was a police man out there doing all the talking I'm sure."

Susy Courville comes daily to visit her mother at their family home. "We've lived here about 38 years and it's just a neighborhood that's usually quiet and uneventful until last night and I think most of the people who live in this neighborhood now are mostly elderly folks and they're kind of surprised that it happened in their neighborhood.  And they're concerned about their safety and making sure that everybody's alright."

And such violence tends to make people afraid for their own safety.  Says Mrs. Stokheld, "I'm just glad it didn't happen in our yard because we sleep close to that wall. The shots were fired, they could have strayed and come through my wall and hit us in the head."

Some residents knew Inzer or knew of him and say law enforcement has lost a good man. Sonnier says,   "Inzer was always concerned about other people and trying to help other people. I just send my condolences to his family."