Sulphur Appoints New Police Chief

January 24, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

Set to retire from more than 32 years of public service, Sulphur Police Chief George Mullican leaves behind advice for his successor. "Everybody has something to say and I guess one of the best pieces of advice is just to pause for a minute and listen to what people have to say," said Chief Mullican.

Stepping in as Sulphur's new top cop is Major Chris Abrahams -- an officer with more than 26 years experience, 23 years with the Sulphur Police Department. "I worked for years as a homicide investigator and enjoyed that. I also worked as a K-9

Abrahams was Mayor Ron LeLeux's top choice and was unanimously appointed by the Sulphur City Council Wednesday morning. "It's an accomplishment that I've been striving for more than 23 years and I finally made it," said Abrahams.

As chief he plans to make upgrades to the city's jail facility as well as equip all patrol units with surveillance cameras. Abrahams also plans to allocate funds to build a state of the art training academy.

"We have a training facility that I really want to get into our capital budget, which will be several years down the road but I would like to get it started now," said Abrahams.

As he prepares for his new role as chief, Major Abrahams requests the support of the people. "I just want them to keep an open mind. We have some of the best police officers there is in the country -- they are dedicated and we are going to strive and protect and serve to the best of our ability," said Abrahams.

Major Abrahams officially takes over as Sulphur's police chief on February 1st.