BB/BS match - Beth & Ariel

January 24, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

Attorney Beth Zilbert is passionate about people and pooches, and she's found the perfect way to combine the two. 13 year old Ariel says, "I love hanging out with her and the dogs."

After Beth finished law school and passed the bar, the rough times were over. Beth became a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She and Ariel, now 13, were matched in 2004. Beth says, "I try to encourage her in the areas she enjoys and I also try to teach her about my life by having her do things that I enjoy doing in the community." Ariel says, "The Big Brothers Big Sisters program is a good program because it gives a child trust in life."

The two meet for dinners and shopping, but what's really big on their to-do list together is taking Beth's golden retriever, Luke, to nursing homes for pet therapy with the residents. Beth says, "The friendship through Big Brothers Big Sisters is a deeper commitment on a personal level. It builds a friendship." Ariel says, "If it weren't for Beth I wouldn't do the things we do in the community. I wouldn't be at Oak Park Care Center or know about LAPAW."

All it takes is a couple of hours twice a month and you too can have a dog gone good time with a youngster. If you would like to learn more about becoming a big brother or big sister, call 478-KIDS.