Suddenly Homeless

January 23, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

It can happen in the blink of an eye, and can devastate ones life just as quickly.   We are talking house fires.   As often as they happen, the destruction left in their wake is nothing anyone can prepare for.   A local Southwest Louisiana resident found this out first hand Monday morning.

When Che Ardoin left for work Sunday night, she had no idea what would happen a few short hours later.   Ardoin said, "I was told my house was on fire.   I did not know anything yet until I got here."  Che is talking about the horrifying news she received early Monday morning as she was just getting off work.   When Ardoin made it home, she found total destruction.   Ardoin said, "It took my breath away.   Your whole life just stops."  Her childhood home was reduced to a pile of ruble.   Ardoin said, "All I have left is what I had on when I left for work that morning."

While Che's children were not home at the time, one of the families dogs was, and perished in the flames.   While the loss is great, Che is rejoicing for what she does have left:  her family, outside dogs, and even a keep sake she found among the ashes from her grandmother that passed away this past November. Despite the loss, Che is already giving advice to other home owners.   Ardoin said, "Have insurance.   Make sure you have insurance on your house."

The exact cause of this fire is still under investigation.   For the time being Che is living in a local hotel.   Ardoin is hoping her tragedy will help educate others about the importance of home owner's insurance.