The Lower Gas Prices

With the decline of crude oil prices, motorists are finally getting some relief at the gas pumps. According to the Lundberg Survey, gas prices have fallen nearly 14 cents over the last two weeks.

Most motorists are welcoming this drop in cost but are still hoping for an even larger decrease. With recorded prices that reached as high as two dollars and 93 cents for regular unleaded and three dollars and 49 cents for diesel in the Lake area, drivers like Danielle Harrell says, "although gas is still not cheap, the lower prices are helping.

Danielle says, "As a student I pay for my own gas so, it really does help a lot being down some."

But the search for these lower prices are still costing some motorist.

Suzy Trahan says, "you try to find the lowest price that you can when you can but even driving around trying to find the lowest price then you're wasting gas so..."

Driving a suv and commuting about 30 miles a day, Suzy Trahan says that no matter what the price, she will still need gas.

Suzy says, "We're all just kinda stuck, you know you do what you gotta do and you make sacrifices in other areas of your life and do what you can."

This driver says he is waiting for an even better prices.

Behrend Drost says, "I'm waiting for them to get even lower."

Mr. Drost just may get that.  Its reported that gas prices should continue to drop as Spring nears.  For even more relief at the pump. AAA (Triple A).... Reports that the average price of regular self serve gas is one dollar and 93 cents in lake charles...