Tragedy Hits Twice in One Week

How much tragedy can one family stand? A Lake Charles man who had just left the funeral home making arrangments for his wife's funeral, was struck and killed by a car.

The police department has some evidence of the vehicle. Now the family is making an emotional plea to anyone who saw what happened. The tragic turn of events halted the plans of one funeral to begin arrangements for another.  68-year-old Howard Livingston had just planned a burial for his wife, Betty Livingston, when on the same day he was suddenly struck in the street and left to die. The unusual timeliness of the deaths has left the family devastated.

Veronica Duhon, Howard Livingston's sister says, "It was a shock because I had just left him earlier that day making funeral arrangements for my sister-in-law."

Howard Livingston, who had been married to his wife Betty for over 20 years, was mourning her recent death that happened on Tuesday February 16th.  He contacted Raymond Fondel to help him with plans for the funeral.

Funeral Director Raymond Fondel says, "He was making arrangements yesterday, we tried to make jokes and keep him in good spirits."

Then a couple of hours after leaving the funeral home Mr. Livingston was hit by an unknown vehicle that police say took his life.

Veronica Duhon says, "I had to identify his body all I could see was his eyes open and the rain falling down on him and they just left him in the middle of the street."

Now she is left with memories.

Veronica says, "He was an outgoing person.  He loved people, he loved to socialize."

And plans for a double funeral.