Innocence Lost

Teens may look young and innocent but their innocence is easily being lost. A teen we interviewed told us "I know this girl. I'm not going to say any names, but she came up to me...she's like, "I think I'm pregnant." and I started freaking out...and I'm like, you're only 13!"

With the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers, KPLC reporter Laila Morcos sat down with a local 14 year old to get a teen perspective about sex and STD's. We'll call her "Jennifer".

Jennifer says "We have done stuff, but not like we actually did it." The "it" she refers to is sexual intercourse. But Jennifer says not all her peers have decided to wait. "I think they're very risky."

The experts now-a-days say teen's attitudes about sex are very different. Jennifer says, "I think it's because so many people talk about how good it feels or something. So they go around saying, 'Maybe I should try it.'"

Teens are also a little confused over the definition of sex. We asked Jennifer if she thought not having intercourse still made her a virgin. Jennifer replied, "Yes, I consider that to be a virgin."

Even more problematic is the fact that the action has gone from private to public. They call it an x-rated party, but what did they say would happen? They said they would have sex on camera. Jennifer said her friend didn't go and at least for her, the thought of that party was a scary one. "I thought, they are sick people out there. Who would just do that?"

Jennifer says her attitude is different because her mom is different. "My friends love my mom. They're all scared to talk to their mom, but they tell my mom everything." That's one reason Jennifer says she's still a virgin with no STD's. And she's got bigger plans. "I wanna wait 'til I find the right guy and get married and spend the rest of my life with."

However, more often than not, teens don't share those plans.