Martin Luther King Jr. Moves Indoors

This year's bad weather caused the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade of Stars to move into the Lake Charles Civic Center. But the rainy weather did not put a damper on the spirit of the day.

The chance to remember both the man and the movement is what the bad weather could not stop for some Martin Luther King Jr. day celebraters.

Apache Roberson says this about Dr. King, "A fine man.  Everything you see right now, you wouldn't have that if it wasn't for him.

Yvette Thierry says, "It's a good cause for the community and even the bad weather couldn't stop me, I would never miss it."

The crowded Coliseum was filled with games, food, and King supporters like Mary LeDay who came out to help keep Dr. King's dream alive.

LeDay says, "We appreciate what he's done and we still want to keep his dream alive and we want to support him as long as we're able to support him."

That support also came from kids who didn't let the cold elements stop them from remembering who Martin Luther King Jr. was to them.

Kendall Pouchie says, "Martin was a great man, he was like the spirit of the black people."

John Goodwin says, "He was a great man, he had a dream for the world."

Both young and old came out to this year's Martin Luther King Jr. Program to make this holiday a hit.