Elementary Essay Winner

When I think of peace, I think of mothers being happy that their children are home from war, delivered from drugs and alcohol, and healed from all illnesses. I think of all children living prosperous lives. I think Jesus laid down his life that we may all have peace. There would be no worries.

When I think of justice, I think of all our ancestors who lost their lives for our freedom. I think of all mankind being treated equally - having the same opportunities to live and make it in this world.

When I think of brotherhood, there is no race or gender. I think people just living in a wonderful world. All people are just getting along and coming to each other's aid when needed.

When I think of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., I reflect upon peace, justice, and brotherhood. He marched, preached, rallied, stomped, shouted, and moved with non-violent dignity for humankind. He also suffered in many ways. His family suffered greatly, too. He had a wife, daughters, and sons who missed their father. However, they kept his spirit. The legacy of his dreams continued through the generation of the family.

As a young girl, I will keep the dream alive by remembering my ancestry. I move with hopes and dreams of being an interior designer. I have already begun looking for institutions of learning that I can enter once I have graduated from high school. I will become the best designer that I can be!

I will also remember to give back to my roots. I have a long, long, list of relatives who are proud, and who live their lives with spiritual morals and dignity. Perhaps, one day, my children will see what Dr. King could envision - a world living in peace, with justice and brotherhood.

Moriah Edwards (5th grade)