Jennings Heath Rally

The Town of Jennings is issuing a challenge to Southwest Louisiana at the start of this new year.  Pay attention to your health and live long. KPLC'S Laila Morcos has more on the Jennings Fitness Rally.

Jennings First Baptist Church Pastor Jerry Masters has decided to take his congregants' workout of the road, visiting Lake Charles for a brisk morning walk.

"We want to accomplish great things, and we can't really do that if we're limited physically," he says.  So, three years ago, Jerry and his congregation kicked off the Jennings Fitness Rally. "People are interested now and we want to help give them a new beginning for the new year."

"We've got a difficult situation in our state, especially in our corner of the state. We're in the top four in the country in being overweight," says McNeese Health and Nutrition Instructor Roxanne Allen.

She moved back to South Louisiana recently. "The way we cook the way we eat, and add alcohol to that, it's a bad situation for us."

When she heard about the fitness rally, needless to say, she was pretty ecstatic. "Starting with our children, through the elderly that the better you take care of yourself, the better your life's going to be."

The rally is a day where you can learn all you need to know about healthy living. "We're going to teach them how to lift weights, how to stretch. I'm going to do a presentation on nutrition."

All of Southwest Louisiana is invited. "The more people we can get involved, the more people we can make aware, the better off we'll be in spreading the word and trying to change some things."

The hopes are to try and make a dent in the statistics, changing the fact that we're so high on the list of obese areas in the country.

The Jennings Fitness Rally is Saturday, January 20th at the First Baptist Family Life Center. Call 337-824-3271 for more information.