The 2000 Health Foundation

Our goal is to organize and raise funds to support the needs of Hospice Care patients throughout the state of Louisiana. The needs are identified as supplemental medication, in-home respite care, sitters, medical supplies and equipment, nutritional supplements and other comfort measures not covered or limited in coverage by Hospice Care Benefits. We believe that this will help to empower terminally ill individuals to live their final days with dignity and comfort. We strive to provide relief of financial and physical burden on family caregivers.

The Hospice Care 2000 Advisory Board assists with the community education, awareness and encourage Hospice Care. They will also provide expertise, knowledge, support and direction to the executive committee and the Hospice Care 2000 staff.

The 2000 Health Foundation has formed the Hospice Care 2000 Resale Shop which is located at 538 Alamo Street in Lake Charles, LA.
For more information on the Hospice Care 2000 Reasale Shop click here.

Another event that is form by The 2000 Health Foundation is the Hospice Care 2000 Champagne Benefit Art Auction. This annual event is held at Park West Galleries in the state of Michigan. Park West Galleries hosts this auction in conjunction with the Hospice Care 2000 team.

All benefits/proceeds of the 2000 Health Foundation is allocated to the Hospice Care 2000 Grant Program.
For more information on the Hospice Care 2000 Grant Program click here.