Get Ready To Take The Ice

November 30, 2006
Reported by Vince Atkinson

It is true the temperatures outside are dropping, but not enough to freeze water, or are they?  Ice is forming in Sulphur, but mother nature is only playing a small part.   This out of the ordinary ice is all part of Sulphur's first ever outdoor ice rink.

Michael Powers with Sulphur's Public Works Department said, "Spray it down good, and let it freeze.   About an hour later we put some more on there."  Powers was talking about the new ice rink at Heritage Square Pavilion in Sulphur.   Although this is a first attempt, inexperience does not seem to be slowing down this most unusual holiday project.   While ice rinks are rare in Southwest Louisiana, one outdoors is almost unheard of.

Sulphur Mayor Ron LeLeux said, "It's really fun to watch south Louisiana people put together an ice skating rink.   There is a whole lot of work that goes into this."  That work is going on around the clock, slowly building up enough ice so the rink can open for business.   Antifreeze that is cooled to 5 degrees fahrenheit is being circulated underneath the ice in order to keep the water frozen.   This process should keep the rink open no matter what the outdoor temperature may be.

The Sulphur ice rink is scheduled to open Friday night and will remain open through New Year's Eve.   Monday through Thursday the hours will be five until nine o'clock at night.   Friday and the weekends, the rink will be open from noon until nine o'clock.   The price to skate is $5.00.