Sulphur High Students await playoffs

The Sulphur Tors are headed to the state football playoffs Friday, and the students can barely contain their excitement.   KPLC Teen Reporter Ashley Kitchens talked to some of her classmates to see how they're feeling.

The spirit is contagious at Sulphur High School.

Kristin Harper says, "Oh, I'm pumped. If we win this game, we get to go to the Dome and that's awesome."

"Everybody didn't think we could do it, but most people kept their faith and it's great," says Keisha Stogner.

The students are restless at Sulphur High, waiting for their game against the Rummel Raiders.

Whitney Dupuis cut her holiday trip short.  She says, "We went to New York for the holiday and I told my mom I couldn't miss the experience."

The football players are excited too.  Shawn McRay says, "We haven't been here since 1975 so it's a great accomplishment."

"Just play out one more week and do your best," says Nathan Clophus.

The community has rallied behind the team.  Shawn says, "On the way to the game at every exit on the interstate, they have signs."

These Tors say this year is the year they'll remember forever. The Tors head east Friday night to play the Rummel Raiders from Metairie, Louisiana.