Cowboy Fans Look For SLC Win

November 18, 2006
Reported By: Lee Peck

Cowboy fans put on your blue and gold -- it's game day. But this is not just any game... this is a must win. "This is one of our biggest games of the season," Cowboy fan Frank Lenkowski. "We consider this a play off game because if we lose this game our season is over. If we win, we continue on to the next level."

After dropping their first conference game and then losing their head coach, it's no doubt been a rough season for McNeese. "I really believe the new coaching staff came back in and put some discipline back in the team. The attitude changed with the entire team and they turned the season around and decided they were going to make a run for the Southland Conference Championship," said Cowboy fan Richard Cole.

Behind them every step of the way, fans are doing what they do best... Tailgating.

Lee: "What's your favorite part about tailgating?"

Shirley Mistretca: "I enjoy the food and the drink... and of course the game!"

Lee: "Is the food out here any good?"

Mary Ann Pundt: "Oh is it good? We've got some shrimp gumbo cooking over here and over there they are having a BBQ. Everyone shares and you have your choice of what's on the menu."

While fan support is obvious, the Cowboys also have a good luck charm on the sidelines tonight -- former McNeese Baseball Pitcher Rusty Begnaud. Begnaud was paralyzed in an accident back in June. "I haven't been to a game all season. It's real nice to be back home and to be able to come out here and visit a lot of friends from school, a lot of MSU boosters that supported me when I was playing," said Begnaud.

The only thing that could make this homecoming sweeter -- is a win tonight against Nicholls State. "I don't see any reason that we won't win this game," said Cowboy fan Steven Talbott. " I look forward to the playoffs and expect us to go very far."