Congratulations to Deck The Halls Winner - Heather Monceaux

Heather Monceaux and family win the KPLC Deck The Halls Contest.  Heather and her family have won $2,500 dollers in cash and prizes from Gulf Coast Carpet & Decorating Center, Ashley Furniture, C & C Audio, Video and Appliances, Cameron State Bank and other area businesses.   

Heather Monceaux:

1 - My husband and I struggled for years to have children and now we have a beautiful baby boy.  It will be his first Christmas!

2 - My brother and sister moved out of state several years ago and they are both coming home for Christmas this year (another first).

3 - We have never had any extra money to decorate for Christmas and would love to make this Christmas extra special.

4 - Like many other families, we did not have a traditional Christmas last year because of Rita. We would like to come back this year with a bang!

5 - We give to multiple charities

6 - We have not had a tree in our house for several years.  Our struggle with getting pregnant made the season too depressing.

7 - Our family is small, but very close.  We feel we can finally celebrate Christmas the right way.  With or without winning the contest - this will be our best Christmas ever!