Get Fit with Sunrise

Our sunrise news team, John Bridges and Laila Morcos, are Getting Fit on Sunrise!

The holidays are here, and it's the perfect time to overhaul your lifestyle before all the major festivities and parties begin.

But the two are also focusing on staying healthy throughout the holiday season and afterwards as well.

John and Laila will be working closely with Gigi's fitness and Christus St. Patrick Hospital on every aspect of health.  That includes exercise, nutrition, and medical exams.

The first step: Laila and John had to get some blood work done at St. Patrick Hospital.  John went first... and then Laila.  They say it didn't hurt too bad.

Everything from cholesterol to liver function is getting checked, and they'll get their results early next week.

They'll also be speaking with a nutritionist to find out more about what they should be eating to lose a few pounds.

Watch Sunrise for the next few weeks to track their progress.  And they're hoping their efforts will motivate you to get fit, too... the right way!

To read more about getting fit & other health topics, visit Health Source Online or call 1-888-72B-WELL