Statewide Races

Amendments that will be voted on statewide:

  • Amendment 1 - To extend the special assessment level to homesteads owned & occupied by any person with a service-connected disability rating of 50% or more.
  • Amendment 2 - To increase the maximum amount of the severance tax imposed & collected by the state on natural resources (other than sulphur, lignite, and timber).
  • Amendment 3 - To exempt from ad valorem property tax medical equipment leased for a term exceeding five years to a nonprofit corporation or associations.
  • Amendment 4 - Exempts motor vehicles from municipal ad valorum taxes & removes language that authorizes a municipal governing authority to impose ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles.
  • Amendment 5 - To exempt consigned art from ad valorum property tax
  • Amendment 6 - To authorize the legislature to enact laws establishing new judgeships of district courts as new divisions having limited or specific jurisdiction within the territorial jurisdiction of the district court & subject matter jurisdiction over family or juvenile matters.
  • Amendment 7 - To provide for a single tax assessor in Orleans Parish to be elected at the same time as the municipal officers of New Orleans.
  • Amendment 8 - To grant the Central community school system in East Baton Rouge the same authority granted parishes for purposes related to the minimum foundation program, funding for certain school books, & instructional materials.