Brad Smith on MySpace?

October 23, 2006
Reported by Rhonda Kitchens

It's a face law enforcement knows well. Brad Smith is behind bars at the Beauregard Parish Jail, charged with attempted second degree murder. But back in June, Smith escaped and led officers on a 12-day chase, a chase he would later recount on what appears to be his own MySpace.

The account was established just days after Smiths' capture. A practice local law enforcement says is normally not condoned.

Stitch Guillory of the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office says, "Here at the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office we don't give our prisoners access to the internet at all."

Beauregard officials say prisoners there are also barred from internet access. But the statements blogged on the site appear to be a first hand account.

Smith, or someone posting as the prisoner, describes living in nature, being chased by dogs, and life inside of prison walls. Friends send messages, prompting Smith to take his next run from the law further away from home. And Smith, himself, appears to have posted, telling a friend he didn't think he could break out in time for this year's birthday celebration.

In all, 32 friends are listed on the account, pointing to yet another danger your child could encounter online.

"There's all kinds of predators out there on the internet," says Guillory, "and there's so much information that can be exchanged."

Some of which is nothing short of criminal.

Again, the Beauregard Sheriff's Office says prisoners are barred from internet access. A spokesman tells 7News they are investigating the site to determine how Smith is getting his message to the outside world.