Relay for Life

A large group of Southwest Louisiana folks recently got back from Washington, D.C. The reason for the trip was to support Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society. Kplc's Laila Morcos has more on their September trip featuring the "Young Louisiana Traveler" and his own home video.

He's the smaller version of the guy Southwest Louisiana has grown to know and love.   "Welcome to The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Celebration on The Hill in Washington, D.C."

That's right!  Jacob Bridges, son of Sunrise Anchor John Bridges, his mom Koni, and Relay for Life ambassadors from Southwest Louisiana joined thousands of others to converge on the Capitol in Washington.

Their main goal:  ensure continued funding for early detection of breast and cervical cancer, research, and garner commitment from legislators for that funding.

"It gives me great honor to represent our area and meet with our legislators to let them know how important cancer is and we're going to beat it one day soon."

And the public agrees with cancer survivor Jean Ann East.   Her mother Mabel East is one.

She says, "I can't believe how this has affected me to see all these people fighting for a cure and one day we will have a cure."

Koni Bridges says a walk through the Wall of Hope is unimaginable as one of the largest temporary monuments ever. "It's spanning three city blocks here in Washington, D.C. for Celebration on the Hill. West-Calcasieu Cameron Hospitals is one of the sponsors of the Wall of Hope banner."

And hope is the common thread. "There is always enough hope for everyone if we work together," says Jacob.   Their hard work is paying off.  Cancer deaths are on the decline.

If you're interested in the American cancer society and relay for life, go to