McNeese State Terminates Tommy Tate

October 3, 2006

Reported by Jordan Sandler

It's like here we go again!  Less than 10 weeks ago Mcneese State Fired head basketball coach tic price.  The university never said why.

Now as of Tuesday afternoon, Tommy Tate has been terminated as head football coach.

Tate had a meeting scheduled with athletic director Sonny Watkins at 5:30 Tuesday, in which Tate would decide to accept termination or voluntary resign his position.

There is still no word yet on why Tate has been terminated, or about what happened at the meeting.  Both Tate and Sonny Watkins were unable to be reached for comment.  The MSU athletic department's sports information director would not comment.

Tommy Tate will meet with his players and coaches tomorrow morning at 7 am.   Mcneese state has yet to set up a press conference at this time.

Offensive coordinator Matt Viator has been named the interim head coach of the Cowboys.  A search for a new head coach will begin at the end of this football season.