Death toll rises in Amish schoolhouse shootings

3 October 2006

Reported by: Associated Press

Two more Amish families have seen their worst fears realized.

Pennsylvania state police say two more girls died overnight of wounds from the shootings yesterday at a one-room schoolhouse.

One girl died at a hospital in Delaware. A seven-year-old girl died at a hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania, after being taken off life support.

Five other children remain hospitalized.

Three girls died at the school after being shot by a man who police say had a decades-old grudge. He then took his own life.Bob Allen says residents see the area as being safe and the Amish as peaceful people, but this proves "there's really no such thing.''

Police say the gunman was not Amish and did not appear to have anything against them. They believe he was getting revenge for something that happened 20 years ago and saw the school as an easy mark.