Latest Scam to hit SWLA

Wal-mart customers, beware. If you get phone call from someone offering you 50 percent off your groceries and gas, hang up. KPLC's Laila Morcos has more on the latest scam to hit Southwest Louisiana, and the culprits want more than just your money and identity.

Velma and Bo Richard have a long day of errands ahead of them, including a trip to Walmart to fill prescriptions. But if Velma hadn't used her smarts,  she could have become the latest scam victim and unable to fill all these prescriptions.

It started with a phone call. "A lady called me and her name was Tonya and she told me it was my lucky day." Velma's lucky day because the woman was offering her a card for 50% off gas and groceries at any Wal-mart store.

"She gave me a pin number. She also gave me a confirmation number," says Velma.

The so-called "Tonya" said coupons would arrive in the mail. But first, she needed some information from Velma. "She said all she needed was my birthday and my pharmacy number." "Not so fast!" says Velma. "And I told her that I needed to call someone and confirm this and she said she'd give me a phone number after I gave her my birthday and pharmacy number." Something Velma never does.

That's when Velma felt she was a scam target and told Tonya she's contacting the authorities. "That's when the phone went dead," Velma says.

The Better Business Bureau says this is the latest scam to hit across the country. Wal-mart is investigating an apparent hacker getting pharmacy information for drugs.

"With my prescription, they could get every prescription I have and I do have to have a lot of pain medication."

But what makes Velma angry is thinking about others. "I kept thinking about everybody that would fall for it."

Velma could have fallen victim, but she knows not to give out personal info over the phone.

Better Business Bureau Executive Director Carmen Million says never give out any personal information to anyone unless you can verify it's a legitimate request.