Health Officials Investigate Possible Meningitis Case

28 September 2006

Reported by: Associated Press

Public health officials are investigating a possible case of bacterial meningitis at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where an outbreak of the infection last semester was linked to two deaths.

State health officials say lab tests are pending, but the symptoms indicate a student might have been infected with the same type of bacteria blamed for the earlier outbreak. They say people who might have had close contact with the suspected meningitis victim are being identified to receive antibiotics.

A university spokeswoman identified the possible meningitis victim only as a male student.

She said she did not know his age or class. Seven cases of meningitis or related infections were reported in Acadiana at the start of the spring semester -- five linked to the university and two of those fatal.

About four-thousand-700 students were vaccinated in a subsequent public health campaign to stop the spread of the infection.