Fallen soldier's mother speaks out

September 27, 2006
Reported by Pam Dixon

The family of Corporal Marcus Cain has made many sacrifices for our country. Not only did they lose their son and brother in the war, three other siblings are still serving in the military with one more heading to Iraq. KPLC's Pam Dixon talked to Cain's mother about her heartbreak and their future.

Bennie Cain says, "If not for the prayers and not for the compassion and the support that the people give the parents and families of these children I couldn't be this strong." Bennie Cain shows incredible strength just days after her 20 year old son, Marcus, was killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad September 13th. Bennie says, "Everything he was doing and everything he had on his heart was to better himself, to better us to do things."

Marcus, the youngest in the family, followed in the military footsteps of his father, brother and two sisters. One brother already served in Iraq, while a sister is leaving for Iraq next week, just three weeks after her brother's death. Bennie says, "I asked my kids, you know, I said since this has happened to Duggie would y'all like for me to try to get y'all away from this assignment. They said no mamma. We started this and we're going to finish it. I'm proud of them and I'm not going to go and do this and do that. I offered it and they said they wanted to finish it so I'm behind them a hundred percent because the prayers won't stop."

While Bennie is proud of her children, she has a different feeling about the war that so far has claimed more than 2,700 American lives. Bennie says, "I'm ready for all these boys and girls to come home because it's getting worse. We're just in a place that we have no business, and it's just like you and me. You don't want another station coming in and telling you how to run yours. These people do not want other people telling them what to do."

But with three children choosing to continue the fight against terrorism and the enemy who took their brother's life, Bennie turns to her faith and the support around her to get through each day-- each day that weighs heavily on this mother's heart as she waits for a war to end. Bennie says, "Whoever is in control just look at all of us other mothers that are going through this and wonder is is really worth it."

Cain's father served the air force, while his four children enlisted in the army.