Battle for State Insurance Commissioner Heads to Court

27 September 2006

Reported by: Associated Press

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has filed a lawsuit against his opponent in Saturday's election, demanding an end to television commercials that claim Donelon trades insurance licenses for campaign contributions.

The commercials are airing in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The case has been assigned to state District Judge Janice Clark.

Named as defendants were Senator James David Cain and Jamestown Associates, the company that placed the ads for Cain's campaign. Mike McKay, an attorney for Donelon, described the television spot as "libelous, defamatory and false.''

Charlie Davis, campaign manager for Cain, said the television ad is accurate and the lawsuit does nothing more than focus the public's attention on Donelon's history.

Donelon maintains there is no connection between his campaign contributions and the issuance of insurance licenses. Donelon's lawsuit, which seeks an injunction to stop the airing of the ads, also says the ads are wrong when they claim Donelon has raised insurance rates 33 times.