Evelyn Cloutman

Date:  June 8, 2006
Reported by:  John Bridges

Evelyn Cloutman is to many women in Southwest Louisiana a hero. Because of her work in the League of Women Voters and other organizations, Evelyn has been honored by several groups. 
  "We need to care about what's going on. We need to study and become informed. So many people feel they don't need to be an informed voter. Women just ask their husbands how they're gonna vote. Some women...not me!"
  The Lake Charles resident became interested in government while attending state legislative sessions in Baton Rouge with her late husband, Ed Cloutman. 
   "So I would accompany him and attend committee meetings and meetings on the floor in the senate and house. I really learned alot about the legislative process."
   Evelyn says she's proud of her work, along with others in building the Calcasieu Women's Shelter in Lake Charles. She was even named "Citizen of the Year" by the Women's Ccommission. 
   "I like being a part of that movement to get women to hold an office and to maintain equal rights for women. I've worked for that and lobbied for that in the legislature."
   And as long as she's able, Cloutman says she'll continue to urge people to get out and vote.