New Sport Contact Lenses

If you're an avid outdoorsman, or woman, then you know contending with the sun can be a little tough at times, especially if you're playing a competitive sport. But KPLC's Laila Morcos has information on some new sport contact lenses that are taking the blur and the brightness out of the outdoors.

Micah is a tech at The Eye Clinic, a perfect place for him to work and get the latest tool to help him with his golf game.   The new Nike Sport Contact lenses are available, and Micah isn't the only one at The Eye Clinic who uses them on the golf course.

"In fact, when I play golf with them, people look at me and say, 'What's wrong with your eyes? Your eyes are darker.' But when you have them on, you don't notice the darkness until you take them off."

Optometrist Mel Gehrig found out about the sport lenses that came out about a year ago, and says they really help athletes see better while playing sports. "Most sports aren't played under bright full sun, but there's enough sun that people need sunglasses. But instead of sunglasses, these are designed to replace."

There are two different lens colors:  green-gray and amber.  Which ones you use depend on which game you're playing and who bright it is.   "The amber ones are for fast-acting sports .. Soccer, baseball, if it's a bright sunny day for football," says Dr. Gehrig.

And almost anyone can use them, whether you have perfect vision or wear prescription glasses or contacts.

The contact lenses are available now at The Eye Clinic.