Truck crashes into Sulphur house

September 21, 2006
Reported by Pam Dixon

Dozey Aucoin had just sat down on his sofa near his wife, Tammie, and their one year old grandson, Brady, when a truck came crashing through their living room wall on West Kent Street in Sulphur. Dozey says, "I thought I was dead. That's it. I put my hands against the truck as it was pinning me. Tammie says, "All you could see was the wall coming down and tires and it was rolling onto Dozey."

Dozey suffered a broken foot and other injuries. Brady was scratched and bruised. But it could have been worse. If the squealing truck tires outside hadn't frightened the toddler into jumping from Dozey's lap to Tammie's lap, Brady might have been crushed. Dozey says, "This guy was so drunk. He could hardly walk. He could have killed my grand baby. He could have killed us. He could have killed my wife. It's ridiculous." Tammie says, "Please don't drink and drive, ever. You could lose somebody very precious." The Aucoins already lost someone very precious to them last year in a traffic accident. Their 5 year old granddaughter and Brady's sister, Leighanne Mangrum, was killed when a motorist failed to yield at the intersection of Dave Dugas and Pete Seay Roads. Dozey says, "We lost one grand baby last year in a wreck. We almost lost another one last night in a wreck." Much too close to home for the Aucoins who now have had their lives wrecked twice by two dangerous drivers in less than two years.

Sulphur police arrested 35 year old Timothy Thornton of Sulphur after he drove his truck into the Aucoin's house. Thornton faces several charges including first offense DWI.

Less than two weeks ago, another vehicle ran into another house on West Kent street just a few doors down. No one was home at the time.