Senior Report: Friends Forever

At the Calcasieu Sheriff's Senior Fun Day, older people come from all around to get information and find out about services available in the community.

Kathy Hebert demonstrates oxygen testing: "It's to see if there's enough oxygen in their body. If there's not then we definitely, if there's a problem with the reading, then we recommend that we contact their doctor."

Adele Mart with Triad offers ways to protect against fraud: "As to what's going on in the community, what to be aware of and what to do in case a crisis arises."

In addition to lots of great, useful information, seniors here get to visit their friends and make many new ones.

With a little luck, you could even win a door prize. But it's the seniors themselves who perhaps have the most to teach.

Widows Bonnye Hebert and Joy Christy have always been devoted sisters.

"She's just my companion and I love her," says Bonnye.

But when Joy recently lost her vision, Bonnye really came through for her.

"My sister made a wonderful home for me in her home," Joy says. "She divided and gave me her sewing room and her extra bedroom and a bathroom and built me a great porch on the back and let me bring two old cats in my apartment and two old dogs in the backyard."

The sisters offer a lesson for parents: "They can teach their children as our mother did to love each other and that there's not anyone who will stand by you like your siblings would."

A life lesson from seniors who know.

Reporter: David Soileau, KPLC 7 News Senior Reporter

Here is a list of all the vendors that attended the Senior Fun Day at Burton Coliseum:

Cameron State Bank (
Odyssey Healthcare (
Grand Cove (474-6000)
United Home Health (888-679-0757)
Comprehensive Health Systems (478-7727)
Synergy (
Evangeline Home Health (
SWLA Independence Center (
Calcasieu Parish Office of Comminty Services (
Volunteers of America (433-6460)
Entergy (
Louisiana Senior Rx (
Housing Authority of Lake Charles (439-4189)
HomeInstead Senior Care (
Acadian Ambulance (
Partnership for Prescription Assistance (
Calcasieu Council on Aging (433-0805)
Carmichael's (
Premier Health Services (494-6453)
Kingsley Place (
Comprehensive Health Systems (478-7727)
Christus St. Patrick Hearthburn Center (
Hospice Care 2000 (562-1440)
Home Medical Equipment 2000 (480-0045)
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital (