Local Long Term Care Specialist Announces New Location

Debbie Turner, RN, CLTC, owner of Long Term Care Solutions, announces her new location at 126 State Street in Lake Charles. The office phone number is 480-9453.  The website address is http://www.longtermcare-solutions.com/ and provides a variety of educational information.

"The website is a good tool to use to understand the different types of long term care options, and which ones would work best in various situations; as well as learning about tax incentives, federal and state legislation in addition to links of other resources dealing with aging and long term care. I know the field can be confusing, that's why this website was designed to be used as a resource for the public and professionals," explained Turner.

Turner works with individuals to design a customized plan for long term care, as well as businesses who want to offer LTC coverage to their employees.  She is the area's only long term care planner with a background in healthcare, and is certified in long term care planning.