Emily Clement sentenced to 10 years

September 15, 2006

Reported by Britney Glaser

UPDATE: Emily Clement has been sentenced to 10 years of hard labor at the St. Gabriel correctional center.  She will be eligible for probation after serving 85% of her sentence.  Judge Ritchie granted her 4 weeks of house arrest until her reporting date on October 13th to the correctional center.  She is under strict rules, however, and is required to wear an electronic monitoring device at all times.

It is a bizarre case with a number of twists and turns, but today it should finally come to a close.  Sentencing for Emily Clement, a Lake Charles doctor's wife accused of trying to have one of her husband's patients killed, will begin Friday at 11:00 a.m.  Emily Clement, who was found guilty of solicitation of murder in May will come face-to-face today with the target of her murder for hire, Wendy Funk.

"I am ready to put this dark could behind me," said Funk, "It's time for me to start my healing process."  It has been 14 years since Funk began fighting a life-altering battle.  Funk said, "There's no amount of time that can replace what has happened. It has been very traumatic for all of us."

It all started when Funk was a patient of Lake Charles doctor, Richard Clement.  After undergoing a hysterectomy, Dr. Clement told Funk that she needed to undergo a number of hormone replacement injections, but the doctor, who now suffers from Parkinson's disease, began an awful experiment on Funk by injecting her with testosterone.  "He chose me to play god on with the injections," said Funk.

Once Funk realized what was being done to her, she filed a malpractice suit against Dr. Clement, which led to a half a million dollar settlement.  This is where Funk believes Emily Clement decided to play god by hiring a hit man to take Funk's life.  "That was her motive. She wanted to keep her rich lifestyle," said Funk.  But, in a turn of events, the would-be hitman told police about the plot, a mere 23 hours before it was set to occur.

Now, with Emily Clement convicted of solicitation of murder, she faces up to 20 years in prison.  Funk said, "There's no remorse with this woman.  Emily Sue Clement should receive the maximum allowed by the state of Louisiana."

Funks says she does have faith in the justice system.

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