New Security Measures at Southern Univ Following Weekend Shooting

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) _ The weekend shooting death of a man at a parking lot near Southern University's football stadium has resulted in changes in policy and new security measures.

Southern Chancellor Edward Jackson says that the school will increase security at its football games.

Jackson says every person who enters the stadium for a football game will walk through a metal detector and all bags and purses will be searched. He says tailgaters will not be allowed in the south end zone, no loiterers will be allowed around the stadium and people who watch the game from the stadium's perimeters will be sent home.

Last season, during Southern's October eighth homecoming game, a fight outside the southeast corner of the stadium resulted in an unidentified man opening fire into a crowd of tailgaters, striking three people, including a university student.

As for security on nearby private property, Jackson says Southern officials cannot do anything but offer advice, which is what they are going to give to about 10 neighboring business owners. A security officer, hired to watch the Southern Teachers and Parents Federal Credit Union parking lot, as the Jaguars played their first home football game last weekend, allegedly shot a man during an argument over a parking space.

Although the exact nature of the argument is not known, police say Curtis Lilly felt threatened by Freddie Jackson after he got out of his vehicle. Jackson was unarmed.

Police have said that Lilly had not been properly trained as an armed guard. Lilly was booked with second-degree murder.