Digital Mammography now available in Lake Charles

New technology at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital is better diagnosing breast cancer.   KPLC's Laila Morcos talks to a local woman who had this state-of-the-art mammography, saying it provides comfort to know her diagnosis can be so precise.

Julie Hughes has recently gone through something that's uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary for women. "When I was 40, I had my first mammogram."

But last week was the first time Julie used this new digital mammography machine. "You still have the compression but that's the overall difference. The quality of film is amazing because it's digitally done, rather than film," says Breast Health Center Director Kim Strong.

She says digital mammography is the gold standard.   "When you do a mammogram we pick up minute little millimeter areas, calcifications real minute areas and that's what the goal is in mammogram. That you pick them before you feel them. Because by the time you feel them because by the time you feel a lump and its malignant, it's gone a long way. It's a bad thing."

Julie says, "It's unbelievable. The pictures you get are amazing." For Julie, who's grandmother had breast cancer, and all other women, mammograms are necessary.  The new technology is helping detect any abnormalities sooner than ever.

This mammography delivers less radiation, and is better for the overall health of both patient and technician.