Mowed Over by Landscape Company

September 6, 2006
Reported by Rhonda Kitchens

"We moved into this house in June of this year," says Martha Quinn. At the time, bushes were overgrown and she was in need of some serious yard work.

Quinn says, "what I want done, is all these plants to be removed, just leave the palm trees and have a low maintenance garden and a fence around the pool."

That's when she says she came across an ad for LMS Contracting. One call and 45 minutes later, the president of the company was at her door.

"And said, yes we can do all of this. I'll just bring a crew of 7 people and our tractor. This should be done in one week."

Quinn paid 18-hundred dollars up front and another thousand, just days later. One month down the road, all she's seen is a few sporatic workers and not much in the way of results.

But Carmen Million of the Better Business Bureau says Quinn isn't alone. "The Better Business Bureau has received complaints about this particular company," says Million.

At least 14 complaints in the past three years. And Million says, LMS isn't the only company being hurt by the poor record.

"They do use a name that is very similar to a company that has been established here for a good bit of time and that company is Landscape Management which is a local company in Lake Charles."

James Everage of Landscape Management says, "it gives us a bad name, you know, people associate LMS with Landscape Management. People call us on a daily basis referring to these types of accusations."

"And we definately want to be clear," says Million, "they are not the same company. They are not associated in any way, shape, or form."

Meanwhile, Martha Quinn hopes others won't look at service providers through the same rose colored glasses she did before planting her faith and her money in the wrong company.

"Don't make the same mistake I did," says Quinn, "its painful."