McNeese Still Recovering After Hurricane Rita

August 10, 2006
Reported by Vince Atkinson

It is an honor no one asked for, but McNeese State University is now considered a model of how college campuses should recover after being struck by a hurricane. Thursday, members of the Louisiana Board of Regents turned out at McNeese to say "thank you," and they did not show up empty handed.

Louisiana Commissioner Of Higher Education Doctor Joseph Savoie said, "One year ago none of us would have imagined what kind of trauma lay ahead for Louisiana in just a few short weeks." Savoie was talking about Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Simply put, post hurricane Louisiana Universities "took it on the chin."

Things are now beginning to move forward at university campuses across the state. In fact, McNeese just got a big "shot in the arm." The school was just presented a check for $160,000. The cash is a combination of both private and public funds. Louisiana University System President Sally Clausen said, "These checks are symbolic of greater strengths yet to come."

This new found money will be used for professorships at McNeese. In other words, instructors that qualify will be given funding to conduct research of their own choice. The idea is to both attract and then keep highly trained professors rather than letting them be lured away by other schools. So far, a total of 55 professors at McNeese have qualified for professorships.

This new funding will be used to help maintain professors and conduct research in education, health and science, and engineering on the McNeese State University Campus.