Chilling Accounts of Katrina Aftermath in New Orleans Hospital

July 19, 2006
Reported by Rhonda Kitchens

"There was so much hope, so much hope," says Elaine Bias, "and I'm like, yes Ticia, we're finally here baby, we're here we're going to have the surgery and you're going to get well and have a normal life and raise your kids."

But Bias says, things went horribly wrong in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

"On the third day after they got everybody out, including they wanted to get me out, but I said no I wasn't leaving without my daughter, then they came in with the needle."

Making no secret of what the needle was for.

"Oh, they made it perfectly clear to me they even went as far as showing me which line to put the needle in and they told me what it was. They were going to put her to sleep instead of her drowning in the hospital."

But Bias says she refused and her daughter continued to fight for life despite a lack of food, water and medicine. "Why did they stop giving her her meds?" asks Bias, "If they could find morphine to give her they should have been able to find antibiotics to give her."

Laticia Young was finally rescued and transported to a Dallas hospital where she died 17 days later. Bias says, her only comfort is that she didn't die in New Orleans.

"In a blink of the eye, man, not god, man decides he's going to take her away you know it wasn't their call to make."

And the truth, she says, is finally coming to light.

"I burst into tears because it was a relief and it was like finally they believe me. God doesn't sleep."

Bias is filing a lawsuit in her daughter's death.