Hurricane Ravaged Hackberry Now Contending with Oil Spill

June 25, 2006
Reported by Rhonda Kitchens

Its now day six of cleanup efforts, after an oil spill at Citgo sends between 15-and-18 thousand barrels of oil into the Calcasieu Ship Channel and another 30-thousand into Citgo's on-site drainage area.

Residents in Cameron parish say the disaster only adds to the troubles they're already facing.

Chip Hosek says, "we saw a sheen on the water but it wasn't as bad as it is now. "

Now Hackberry residents say the oil has gotten so thick around Channel View Harbor, wildlife just returning from last year's hurricane season are once again devastated in Cameron parish waters.

"We had a family of ducks that has been here since Hurricane Katrina," says Mike Thomason, "and they're no longer here. They're staying ahead of this oil sheen that's moving down the ship channel."

Mike Thomason says the ones that didn't escape, are now too drenched in oil to fly. Just one more tragedy he says the area didn't need. "We're at the end of recovery and we've got this thing that was probably avoidable that has happened. Its affected the wildlife, its affected our boats in the water not to mention the people that live on the water everything that associated with it is going to be affected by it."

"The biggest concern of mine is the local people who won't be able to survive without this body of water," adds Hosek, "guides will be shut down obviously and who's to say the fish are safe to eat as it is."

"Hopefully," Thomason says, "somebody's going to come down here and take care of this."