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Emergency information for Jeff Davis parish residents


Should a Gulf storm threaten Jeff Davis Parish and a mandatory evacuation is called by the Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) Director, those Jeff Davis Citizens who have no means of transportation from Jeff Davis Parish to a safe shelter may make use of the following Jeff Davis Parish evacuation plan.

When the call for mandatory evacuation is made by the OEP, Jeff Davis citizens needing transportation to a safe shelter may board school buses at the following sites:

Topsy Area VFW Hall

Welsh Area Welsh Fire Department

Lacassine Area Lacassine High School

Fenton Area Fenton Elementary School

Roanoke Area Roanoke Junior High School

Hathaway Area Hathaway High School

Elton Area Elton Elementary School

Lake Arthur Area Lake Arthur High School

Jennings Area Jeff Davis Parish Fairgrounds

Citizens living in rural areas of Jeff Davis Parish may go to the nearest loading site listed above. Loaded buses will travel to predetermined shelter sites.

It is important to understand these guidelines:

  • The first choice for citizens evacuating Jeff Davis should be private transportation. School buses will be used to evacuate those citizens who have no other means of transportation.
  • Caregivers and family members who provide for the care of Jeff Davis citizens with medical needs are to plan now for a more accommodating means of transportation than a school bus.
  • Nursing home facilities are not to consider school buses as their primary transportation source in the event of a called evacuation.
  • Some buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. No bus is air-conditioned. No bus is equipped or staffed to provide medical attention.
  • Citizens evacuating by school bus are to go to one of the loading areas listed as soon as the call to evacuate the parish is made.
  • Decide now what you will carry with you on the school bus. Large parcels of clothing and belongings will not be allowed on the buses- overnight bags will be allowed.
  • No pets will be allowed on the school buses.
  • Families will travel on the same school bus whenever possible.
  • Be patient. Expect some delays. Even though less traveled routes to the safe shelters have been selected, traffic will be heavy and travel may be slow.
  • Your stay at a shelter may be for several days. Make sure your family, relatives, and others understand your evacuation plans before this storm season begins.
  • Take with you important papers, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.


In 2005 Hurricane Rita interrupted communications on the Louisiana coast even before she made landfall. After the wind and rain stopped, it still took weeks for communications to be restored. Evacuated citizens of Jeff Davis found it very difficult to get specific news concerning their town, school, and community.

Should we experience another evacuation, citizens of Jeff Davis are encouraged to access www.jdps.org for the latest updates concerning Jeff Davis Parish. As long as an evacuated citizen can access the Internet, he/she will be able to receive news concerning storm damage, return dates, power and utilities, water systems status, ice and food supplies, and water supplies, open or closed roads, curfews, school reopening dates, employee return dates, and other post-storm information important to our parish citizens.

Located at a remote location, www.jdps.org will remain online throughout the storm and after the evacuation. A link to the Sheriff's Office www.jeffdavis.net is posted on this emergency information website. Plans are to also link to local TV stations and newspaper websites. This site will be updated from a remote location as Jeff Davis Parish recovers from a storm.

All Jeff Davis citizens are asked to save the www.jdps.org web address and take it with them should they evacuate.

We learned from Rita that we must be prepared to take care of ourselves for several days after a storm strikes. Although we all hope for a peaceful 2006 hurricane season, now is the time to prepare your family and loved ones should a storm threaten our parish this year.

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