Emergency Kit for Animals

Put together at least one emergency kit with provisions for all family members, including pet (s). Consider keeping one at home (in case you are confined there) and one in the car in case you have to evacuate quickly. Kits should be easy to carry: use backpacks, duffle bags, or buckets with a lid and handle. Your kit should contain at least the following items for your pet.

*Water (one week supply)

*Dry and wet food (one week supply)

*Can opener

*Prescription Medications

*Plastic bowls for food & water, or drip bottle if your pet drinks out of these instead of bowls

*Plastic bags and paper towels

*Current photo of pet (s) and any proof of ownership, as well as vaccination records (current vaccinations will be required by most boarding facilities)

*Plastic container (litter box) and kitty litter


*Temporary I.D tags and extra collars/harnesses

*Pet comfort items- blankets, towels, toys, treats

*Heat source for birds or reptiles

*Your list of important phone numbers



*Solar or batter powered radio