Debris Deadline for Lake Charles

March 29, 2006

Reported by Libby White

The final phase of debris removal is about to get underway in Lake Charles and Mayor Randy Roach is asking residents to take advantage of it while they still can. The Army Corps of Engineers will begin their final pass through Lake Charles on Monday, April 3 and they're anticipating to have it completed by Saturday, April 15. Mayor Roach says residents and businesses should put their debris out on the same day as their regular trash pickup. "The Army Corps of Engineers are going to be following our trash trucks when they see a pile of hurricane debris, they'll pick it up," said Roach. If there is any question about the eligibility of a pile of debris, the Corps will send out an inspector and if they think it doesn't qualify, they'll mark it with paint.

"I know that a lot of debris has been picked up, a lot of work has already been done, but a lot of people have not been able to do work because of insurance claims and what have you, so work is still being done and there is some debris to be removed," said Roach. Another important thing the mayor wants people to remember is, if you are repairing your house and you have an insured claim, your insurance should also cover the cost of hauling off debris. If you have any questions or concerns about debris collection in Lake Charles, give the Public Works Department a call at 491-1220.