Diana Morales

Diana Morales
Diana Morales

Helping animals find loving homes, she's been "Making A Difference" in the pet population for more than 20 years.  You've probably seen her a time or two on KPLC's Critter's Corner. She's Diana Morales with the Calcasieu Animal Shelter, better known to the community as: "You're the lady with the pets," she said. "I guess I'm the pet lady."

It was back in 1986 that Diana took a job with the shelter as a part-time receptionist.

"The next thing I knew a year had passed by and was doing school programs, talking to kids about responsible pet ownership, and then I was in a field as an officer, so it just kind of evolved."

Twenty years later, Diana's passion for those furry friends who can't speak for themselves is still going strong, just whatever you do don't call it a dog pound. "This is an animal shelter," she said. "When animals come here they have a chance of being placed in a loving home."

And it's only natural that she gets attached. "Everybody wants the cute little puppies, but I get attached to the older ones."

Diana is a member of the Louisiana Animal Control Association, and has served three terms as President of the Association of Certified Cruelty Investigators. But it's the programs back home she's most proud of.

"We have some wonderful things on the horizon, such as a disaster plan for housing animals in disasters," she said. "Plus, this free spay or neuter program is absolutely wonderful."

And she's always searching for creative ways to educate the public, like the new state of the art shelter on wheels donated by the ASPCA.

"We can now take this bus out in the community, our next event will be the Children's Parade, we're going to put some puppies in and decorate the sides and we're going to drive the bus in the parade."