Call FEMA Before Time Runs Out

January 30, 2006
Reported by Mika Highsmith

Today is the last day evacuees can call FEMA to get an authorization code to stay in hotels until February 13th. Evacuees have until midnight eastern standard time to call FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA. Nearly 26,000 people are still living in FEMA hotels across the nation, at least 10,000 of those are staying in Louisiana. Those who don't call must be out by February 7th.

According to FEMA spokesperson Don Normand, no matter what day evacuees move out of hotels, as long as you weren't homeless before the storm and you're a US citizen, you won't be kicked out on the streets.

"Each family who may be eligible for rental assistance will have the option to use that money to house their family," Normand said. "Which means if they're still in a hotel, they may pay the hotel with the money availab

So far over 17, 000 evacuees from both Katrina and Rita have been given authorization codes across the country. FEMA's still waiting for over 7,000 people to respond.