LA & TX Residents lament Hurricane Rita 'amnesia'

January 25, 2006
Reported by the Associated Press

A steady procession of congressmen and U-S senators have visited the Gulf Coast this month, inspecting Hurricane Katrina damage. But they didn't show up in Lake Charles, one of the places devastated by Hurricane Rita, Louisiana's 'other' storm.

Four months after Rita caused $4.7 billion in damage, people in southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas say they're concerned the storm has been erased from the country's memory, overshadowed by Katrina's assault on New Orleans.

While New Orleanians fret about 'Katrina fatigue,' people in Lake Charles say they've been victims of 'Rita amnesia.'

Mayor Randy Roach says he doesn't want anyone to lose sight of the things that have happened to coastal Louisiana because of Rita.

Rita hit September 24th, one month after Katrina, along the Texas-Louisiana line. Its winds and storm surge flattened the Louisiana coastal towns of Holly Beach and Cameron, and caused extensive damage further inland, in Lake Charles and Port Arthur, Texas.