Flood insurance rider would provide elevation funds

If you're a homeowner who has flood insurance and whose property was substantially damaged by floods in hurricanes Katrina or Rita, you could be eligible for up to $30,000 in additional funds to move, elevate or demolish your house.

The Department of Transportation has a hotline with details about the Increas Cost of Compliance coverage, or ICC.

The additional money can be used for:

-Flood-proofing (for non-residental buildings)
-Relocation: moving a home or business out of the flood zone
-Elevation: raising a home or business to above the flood-elevation level adopted by the local community.
-Demolition: tearing down or removing the building.

For more information about ICC, call the DOTD Customer Service Center at 225-379-1232 or toll free at 1-877-4LA-DOTD.  Additional information also can be found at www.fema.gov/nflip.