LCPD SWAT trains officers for real-life scenarios

VIDEO: LCPD SWAT trains officers for real-life scenarios

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Explosions set off car alarms near the 400 block of North Cherry Street as Lake Charles Police Department's SWAT team trained Thursday.

The training was centered around the setup and deployment of explosive breaching. Larry Moss, LCPD SWAT commander, said this training is to prepare officers for real-life situations that may include hostages or barricaded suspects.

These situations could require their team to set up and explode doors, windows, and walls to get to their target.

"A lot of the guys on the team haven't experienced the explosion, the sound, the shock wave. It's a shock to the system basically. Not for only the bad guys, but for the team itself," Kirk Dugas, senior explosive breacher, said, "If it was their first time doing it, they heard a loud bang. And the shock wave from the bang, they basically might hesitate a second or two seconds, and that's when somebody might get hurt."

The Lake Charles Police SWAT team trains every month, but they don't always get to practice explosive breaching training. This time around, Moss says the city gave them permission to use a home that was already going to be demolished in which to practice.

"It's a great, great training tool for us to have access to this because you can imagine, it's difficult to find places that we're allowed to do this. It's a destructive type breaching method, and it's not something we can do behind the police station," Moss said.

While real-life hostage and barricade situations are hard to replicate, Moss said this is as close as they can get.

"Most of these scenarios will be an hour or two," Moss says, "Situations like this, we've had them go from a couple of hours to our most recent barricade was 14 hours," Moss said.

This is the first time for some of these officers to go through this explosive breaching training, which police say only happens a few times a year.

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