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Drought monitor update

Current drought conditions (Source: KPLC) Current drought conditions (Source: KPLC)
Rain chances remain in place over the next few days. (Source: KPLC) Rain chances remain in place over the next few days. (Source: KPLC)

Drought conditions across Southwest Louisiana have slightly improved over the last week with portions of Allen parish easing out of abnormally dry conditions and entering back into 'none' on the drought scale.

West of the city of Lake Charles we have not seen drought conditions for quite a few weeks. This is because the Southeast Texas Regional airport is reporting a surplus of rain since the beginning of the year of ten inches. As you move to the east and reach the Lake Charles regional airport they are seeing a slight deficit of just over an inch of rain. But, as you continue even further to the east, at the Lafayette Regional airport, they have a deficit of almost fourteen inches of rain since the beginning of the year. 

We have been seeing scattered rain showers across Southwest Louisiana for the last couple of weeks, but we are still seeing abnormally dry conditions. This is because we might be getting rain everyday, but there is still a year to day deficit. The rain we are getting is pretty typical for this time of the year so we are meeting the amount of rain we get each day, but getting very little extra. This is helping to keep us from progressing into worse drought conditions. 

Good news for those still seeing abnormally dry conditions is that we do have higher rain chances through this weekend. According to the Weather Prediction Center, we could see up to an inch of rainfall in the next five days. Although it is not an excessive amount of rainfall, this could help make up a little bit of the deficit seen in eastern portions of Southwest Louisiana.  

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