Judge dismisses DeRidder suit against Michael Harris

Judge dismisses DeRidder suit against Michael Harris
Lawsuit against Michael Harris dismissed (Source: KPLC)

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - The City of DeRidder's lawsuit against City Councilman Michael Harris was dismissed by District Judge Eric R. Harrington on August 8.

DeRidder sued Harris after he was elected, claiming he didn't live within the city for a year before qualifying, thus did not meet the requirements to run.

Harris has previously noted that he has maintained dual residency for several years.

Any challenge to a candidate's qualification must be made within seven days of the end of qualifying, according to the election code.

DeRidder said it was not arguing under the election code but under its own city charter.

Judge Harrington ruled, though, that the election code trumps the city charter.

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