Oakdale Police Chief Joseph Lockett is determined to make a change to social media

Oakdale Police Chief, Joseph Lockett is determined to make a change

OAKDALE, LA (KPLC) - Oakdale Police Chief Joseph Lockett took to Facebook on July 22 to express his concerns about a disturbing video that was posted on the social media site.

The video was showing child abuse.

"It kind of aggravated me, so I posted, there's not a police officer in this country who wouldn't solve a case like that."

The police chief challenged the social media giant, Facebook, to use its resources to stop the spread of these videos, and help police find those involved.

Lockett asks that Facebook contact local police once a location of the abuser is found.

"Facebook is worldwide you can find out where this is happening."

In the meantime, the Chief asks social media users to do their part in reporting abuse.

To find out more information on how to protect those who have been abused click HERE.

If you have witnessed or know of someone who has been abused, contact your local police.

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