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FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered showers likely for the weekend, but rain chances are going down

Some rain still possible this afternoon Some rain still possible this afternoon
Rain possible over the weekend Rain possible over the weekend

We saw some heavy rain in a few places this morning, but most of that has come to an end. Some more rain will develop this afternoon. I do not think there will be widespread showers. Therefore, I do not think everyone will see rain. Those that do will have heavy rain for some time. The clouds will stick around, and that should limit the temperatures from warming up too much.

Overnight, the rain should clear away, as well as some of the clouds. There should not be any more rain during the nighttime hours. It will be warm with temperatures down to the mid 70s. The humidity will make it feel very muggy, though. Particularly in places that saw rain today.

I have lowered the rain chances for Friday, because I do not expect a lot of rain. There will be some showers, but not as many as we have seen of the last couple days. I have the rain chances at 40%. The rain we do see, should pop up in the afternoon, and may limit temperatures as well. Temperatures may reach the lower 90s.

By this weekend, there is a good chance for some more rain that will likely develop in the afternoon. I still have a 40% chance some rain will develop. If you're making outdoor plans, I recommend having an indoor plan alternative, just in case. Just check the radar before heading out the door. Temperatures should reach the lower 90s, despite the rain.

Next week could be a nice one, if these long-range models are correct. As of now, the rain chances are much lower for most of next week. Monday, though, could still have a few showers. I have a 30% chance of rain then, so it will not be a washout. Starting Tuesday, those rain chances go down to only 20%.

The reason why the rain chances are going down, is because an upper-level high pressure is building back in over Texas and should influence Southwest Louisiana as well. This will limit any rain from developing. Also, if the rain chances are lower, the temperatures should be higher.

Out in the tropics, Beryl is still a tropical wave. There is a chance Beryl will redevelop in the Bahamas. If this turns out to be the case, Beryl will develop in the eastern Atlantic, and should not make landfall in the United States. Therefore, there is no threat to the gulf coast.

Meanwhile, Chris is located in the northern Atlantic. Chris is currently a post-tropical storm. Therefore, Chris will continue to weaken. The storm is moving off to the northeast and away from the United States, so there is still no threat.

Meteorologist Grant Roberts

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