Chris heading out at sea, Beryl's remnants could reform in the Atlantic

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - With the tropical Atlantic still quite active early in the season, neither Chris nor the remnants of Beryl pose any threat to the Gulf of Mexico.

The remnants of Beryl continue to produce heavy rain over parts of the Bahamas as the remnant low gets torn apart by land, therefore any reorganization into a tropical storm or hurricane isn't likely in the short term.

Later in the week, the remnants will drift northward back out over the open waters of the Atlantic and this could allow for some redevelopment, with the National Hurricane Center giving the future of Beryl a 50% chance of reforming over the next five days.

Chris has begun to weaken, now down to a category 1 hurricane, as it has reached the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic. The eye of the hurricane has completely disintegrated and is expected to continue to weaken through the rest of its life span.  Winds are currently at 85 mph and the storm is quickly moving to the northeast at almost 30 mph. The track for Chris continues to keep the storm offshore as it heads into the much colder waters of the North Atlantic ocean.

At this time there is no tropical development likely in the Gulf over at least the next five days.

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